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Happy New Year!

The New Year is bringing some new happenings here at the EoT. I’m still hurting from the loss of my dog, Fred, and took comfort in knitting and reading lately instead of blogging. I really miss my little alarm clock/lap heater/worrier/entertainer. In a way Fred was here to help me get ready to be a mom and I treated him like my little boy. I trained him from 2 months old when he was a wee pup. I saw him overcome fears and be adventurous. He kept up with us in so many things. Even though Fred annoyed our bigger dog Frankie, I see that she misses him. She sleeps all day now and does not care to be outside. She used to go outside just to avoid him. Bad winter weather meant this ploy worked - otherwise he was glued to her side.

A happier note follows
My New Year’s ponderings were a chance to look over this blog and make some resolutions. Here are my thoughts and resolutions.
  • I only started blogging in the last half of the year and didn’t contribute enough to enter the 2006 Top Food Blog Awards. I feel more confident about my blog now.
  • My goals this year are to blog twice a week. Participate in one event other than WHB each week. I also would like to write two longer articles each month. One piece will be on a local producer of some sort and the second piece will be on a in season produce with several recipes rather than just one. The seasonal produce article might resemble what I wrote up for the entire month of November’s WHB.
  • December was not so consistent but I chalk that up to being the holidays and memo’s cancer – we were told the day after Christmas that the only option left is hospice.
  • I went to art school to study Fibers – which incorporates surface design, weaving and much more. I started a Fiber blog called Pursuit of Fiber. NO it doesn’t tout the crunchy stuff that fills you up and helps your New Year’s diet resolution. My first post kind of lets you know what kinds of stuff I do. This blog is still under construction and may not stay on blogger.

I have been making a few things. I thought I would share this morning’s fare. I made scones last night for breakfast. I was motivated by Tummy Treasure’s post on The Bread Bible.

I have had this book since my final year in Art School. Despite my crazy schedule I cooked from it all the time. I would work on my projects all night and have bread rising in the kitchen. I did it all by hand because I did not have anything else and I liked the feel. This book creates amazing breads, but they take forever. I used to hit myself in the head when I was making sourdough because it would take me 3 days to make 2 loaves of artisan bread. I still stick with this book because I made the best focaccia ever – even if it took me 14 hours when I should have been sewing on my Thesis.

So the scones I made took a little longer than ones you would find in the King Arthur’s Flour Baking Companion. So yummy so flaky and so gingery. These were absolutely amazing. I would give you the recipe but it takes up three pages in the book so I will leave you with a picture to droll over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is one tempting looking scone!

And you remind me of another beef with this book. If someone really, really wanted a recipe, I would probably cry at the thought of all that typing. ;-)

So sorry to hear about your little sidekick. Cherish the memories you have, and continue to post about him to share those memories.

1/05/2007 5:22 AM  

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