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Cookie Exchange 2006

cookiesJenny's  KulochaCarolyn's Chewy Chocolate-Cinnamon CookiesWendy's Mexican Wedding CakesKatie's Basic FlapjackCarolyn's Chocolate-covered Cherry BrowniesChrispy's Lime and Cornmeal Icebox ShortbreadChrispy's Butter Pecan Cookies

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Planning this party took away from my blog time recently.  I hope this set of recipes makes up for all that.  7 people came (out of 12 invited) which is a great success during the business of Christmas.  We all had fun eating food, talking, drinking coffee and playing Christmas games. 

One of the games was present wrapping.  We paired people up as teams to wrap a box in wrapping paper.  This is no big deal - except that on each team one person could only use her left hand and the other her right.  The results were a lot of fun.  Everyone wrapped their present quicker than expected.

We had a varied group.  All of us are local - several from Longview originally.  Two ladies moved here this summer from Europe.  Katie, who joined us from England, just married a Longview man.  Jenny is here temporarily.  She heads back to Germany next year.  This provided more variety than the standard sugar cookie and frosting.  We barely missed having meringue cookies, since that lady's efforts fell flat.

Katie brought Basic Flapjack cookies.

Jenny brought Kulocha.

Wendy brought Mexican Wedding Cakes.

Carolyn (my co-host) brought Chewy Chocolate-Cinnamon Cookies and Chocolate-Covered Cherry Brownies.

I brought Butter Pecan Cookies and a very flat Icebox Shortbread with cornmeal and lime.

Carolyn and I made extra batches for two friends that have been having a difficult month and still wanted to participate.


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