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BBM: Holiday Addition

Last Saturday, Churchable and I went to Mt. St. Helens to play in the snow.  Our dogs frolicked while we took a hike on snowshoes. When we got back home I received my Blogging By Mail package from Gigha at Gigha's thoughts on food and travel.  I am excited to share (and eat) those treats as well as show y'all what I am sending for BBM.  It was good to get out since I just got over being sick.  Today I am also posting several recipes from a cookie exchange I hosted.

Gigha is off on a trip to Asia, but sent me items from Europe.  I love Asia but I love Europe so much more.  The year I attended High School in Germany was unforgettable.  I loved the people, the countryside and of course the food.  It took me 2 years to work off all the schnitzel and Kinder Eggs I ate. 

She included things from all the places she has lived -  Sweden, Scotland and Belgium. 
Here is what she sent:
From Sweden: (Gigha's country of origin)

    crispbread with sunflower seeds (They arrived broken, but everything else was intact)

    spices for Glögg (similar to mulled wine)
From Scotland:

    oatmeal and cranberry biscuits (delicious - the dogs ate the last one when we accidentally left it on the couch)
From Belgium: (Gigha's current residence)

    cherry flavored beer (all mine since Churchable hates cherry)

    Christmas tea (lovely black tea with cinnamon. I love cinnamon!)

    gingerbread spices (not yet tried, but I'll have lots of time this winter)

    Belgium beer jam (typically used on foie gras - not something found in this house, but we will find a use for it)

    4 kinds of Chocolate (the bikini had the most amazing smell when I broke into it and the apricot flavor was delicious).

And some doggie treats.  The trout and salmon treats were already devoured enthusiastically.


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