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WDB: The storm of the century kept the dogs bored.

The dogs will tell you this has been a hard week. Rain up to Frankie's knees in the backyard. Little butt had issues with that and was very down cast. We went visiting that day since things were less than ideal for frolicking. While there, they made a pest of themselves and Frankie the dear was sick for the rest of the week. You can see her resting in her brother's bed below. She made quite a bit of work for me, but I can say that all her bedding and the living room carpet is really clean and smells like Febreze. Then more rain came and the wind blow so hard the intruder alerts were going off frequently. But today was beautiful. Fred looked longingly out the window this morning till I let him and Frankie outside to frolic. They had a blast since the storm of the century had been keeping them inside. They explored every new place and all the edges of the yard while I shopped for dog toys for Christmas.
Frankie annoyed that mommy sneaked up with a camera and woke her up.
Fred interested momentarily in what mommy is doing with the camera.
As you can see he was really more interested in the outside.


Anonymous Elise Smith said...

Frankie and Fred are so very cute in these pictures!

You have a very nice style of writing Chris!


12/23/2006 7:41 AM  

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